Believe it or not, it comes from a cookie.

Posted on January 6, 2012


As a genuine lover of asian foods I’ve come across a lot of fortune cookies. Some I’ve used some type of adhesive and stuck them on the fridge just a reminder of something positive. Now admittedly, we’re all prone to make mistakes and I think one of mine was actually looking for meaning in those fortune cookies. Sometime the meaning was clear. Others it was murky at best. But a small percentage of this little prognosticating gifts were deftly obtuse in their meaning. It was deciphering these that sent me on a desperate Dan Brown mission for a galactic interpretation. The following fortune cookie left me feeling incomplete and cheated. At least the meal was good.

This is what it said, “You will receive a fortune(cookie).”

Really? It might as well have said, “You enjoy breathing oxygen.” Of course I do! And of course I’ll receive a fortune cookie…I’m at a chinese restaurant! If the waiter or waitress doesn’t give me one, they’ll I’ll likely ask for one. But I will get one…and evidently a lame one on this day.

Interpretation: Never overlook the obvious. Obviously there are chances out there in the cosmic universe that I will one day have a career revolving around fortune cookies. I’ll be selling them with previously unseen uses and I’ll make a fortune at it. Fortune cookie houses? Fortune cookie underwear? The possibilities truly are endless.