Low Libido & the “Happy Hormone Cottage.”

Posted on January 6, 2012


Unfortunately for me, but I had to spend part of my day off going to the Dr’s office. While the visit was rather uneventful but positive, the trip was worth it simply because of the drive there. The winding hillside road along the Ohio river was like a spiritual experience to drive with its sun glazing across the river.

As I made my way towards the little village where my Doc works my eyes caught sight of a boorishly small billboard with a rather comic picture of a cabin on it. Suddenly my eyes fixed upon the reddened words nearby the cabin that said, “Low libido?” Before I had time to wonder what it meant that my eyes fixated on these words in particular I noticed the words, ‘Happy Hormone Cottage.’   Huh? Though driving 57 mph I’m sure I also saw the words get results fast.   After that my mind raced  with the implications. Was this a sexy getaway package for couples? Was it operated by a Doctor? Was it indeed a vacation where every morning started with the men being injected with “happy hormones?” Maybe after that they’re hooked up to sensors or meters to measure…? When you come back will friends recognize you? Or will you have so much hair on your neck and face from endless testosterone shots that you look like Lon Chaney? My mind begs for understanding…how much does this cost anyway? Do they give you some kind of oddly shaped trophy after you pass?