“Rice doesn’t taste the same.”

Posted on January 6, 2012


Poem written awhile back, always thought it was little different.


Rice doesn’t taste the same.

Go well, young beast,

When season is set sharp-

It is always the best of aim, which frolic

The brightest, then swiftest, longest shot.

Remember when you were someone done well?

…As opposed to being well done?


Morning sunshine a shade shorter,

Out of the way everyday.

A fat meal

But no teeth sharp enough to do quickest battle.

Not long ago, they always say

“killing bees and setting fire to army figures

& wondering when Saturday morning cartoons are coming.”

When you are a child

you are the best circle rolling down

The biggest never-ending hill.

But now

‘bigger & stronger’

won’t make the rice taste any better.

Rice doesn’t taste the same when she is away.”



Copyright, Justin K., 2010.

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