I nearly sat the dog’s face on fire.

Posted on January 16, 2012


Recently I became the owner of an extremely diminutive puppy named “Sophia.” From the start I was shocked and amused at the small size of the squirrel like creature. Weighing a whopping 3.1 lbs., I felt the animal was clearly more fantasy than actually real. It seemed to sleep non-stop, except for when it sat atop your shoulder and stared deep into the TV screen. I told myself, no matter how cute…I’m never letting it sleep in bed with me! A month later the dog was slithering up through my comforter as I settled down for bed. After a long night of work and months of rehabbing a strained knee I had covered the sore knee in an off-brand menthol pain killing gel.  Sophia soon arrived at the top of the covers and rested her paw gently on my face. Wanting to get quickly to sleep I lifted her out of the blanket and rested her inside her mounded comforter nearby. As I lay to sleep I hear her whimpering. She’s just dreaming, no doubt her legs are bouncing back and forth as she gallops in a dream.  The whimpering continued until I raised up, petted her across the head and lay back down. Sophia quickly took advantage of my wakefulness and surprisingly licked me upon my lips. I petted her and quickly discouraged her by putting her back in her bed. I rolled over and lay there waiting on sleep to come. Sophie continued to whine.  Slowly a tingling and burning feeling hit my lips and grew in intensity. In a matter of moments my lips had a raging burn on them. What the hell? What kind of mouthwash did I buy? Jet fuel flavor? Confused as well as annoyed I tried to think of where this sensation came from. No doubt it was the pain relieving gel, but I had washed my hands thoroughly after slapping it on(not wanting to ever relive the agony of once covertly smearing it into one of my eyes). Then it became clear…poor Sophia. She must have licked my knee, or sniffed it as she crawled up the blanket. Being the curious and studious toy poodle she is, she no doubt investigated the odor and likely got it pasted across her nose or mouth. That explains the whining & whimpering! I quickly got up, nabbed her and wiped her tiny face with a wet cloth. I couldn’t believe I nearly sat the dog’s face on fire.