Orchard Stories.

Posted on January 20, 2012


A poem written by me many years ago and only formally shared with me amongst freinds. It has never been read publicly or submitted for publication. Apple trees mystify me. Taking me to an orchard is a spiritual experience. I guess thats why I admire the poetry of Robert Frost. This poem is a fav of mine…I love the tone & old wisdom.  Hope you enjoy.



 Only longing to know where time has went

I sit beneath the frowns of stars.

The apple orchard is fast asleep

Its stories leap over bends of limb like mosquitoes.

These words I seize

If they turn my way

In hopes of knowing such gain.

But if I leave empty handed

My heart has not sun or moon in a basket.

But if I succeed

I know more than blanket of star or sleeping tree.

How time never withers in the heart of winter

How its aim is straight as arrow flung by sturdy arm.

How time returns to heart above skillful hands.

 Justin K. Copyright, 2006.

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