Fortune Cookie #2: “Fall down seven times, Stand up eight times.”

Posted on February 10, 2012


Leave it the wisdom of the fortune cookie to light up or thoroughly confuse one’s day. I tend to believe there is truth in perhaps the tiniest of things. Even a rather stale tasting cookie with paper inside. With that in mind…

Fortune Cookie #2: “Fall down seven times, Stand up eight times.”

Now this quirky little conundrum seems to indicate that it pays to persevere. It’s only by failing that one learns to not repeat the mistake and climb to a higher level. This all seems fair and logic based and is reinforced often by successful business people, athletes and handicapped individuals.

However, beneath the surface of this pristine and inspiring little fortune #2 is a dark truth. Sometimes it’s better just to stay down. If you invest routinely in the stock market, leveraging more than you can afford to lose each time after you fail then you are likely headed for a serious fall. Pull your money back, be more reserved in your investments and readjust your goals. Don’t keep getting the shit beaten out of you. The same could be said of a lousy cage fighter or ballerina with a drinking habit. Sometimes it pays to just sit the next one out.

Fortune cookie #2 translation: If you get knocked on your ass a lot or have some odd form of tripping behaviour then maybe some self analysis is in order. Ask yourself this, “How much energy will it take me to stand up…again?” & “Why does this keep happening?” 

In short…It’s ok to make a stand, just don’t do it with a broken tail bone. See a doctor first.