New Poem. “Seven degrees under zero.”

Posted on February 15, 2012


The following poem was written many years ago. It is a true story as I can’t write poems I don’t truly experience(the only type I write that are not “real” are those of a fantastical sort, easily & readily noticeable). I was on a date with a girl who took me to visit her sister on Christmas Eve. It was snowing terribly & her sister had recently had a baby. Sadly, she lived in a small trailer(not the larger type, but one you might take camping). This family was extremely poor & I will never forget that night. I thought of the girl I went on the date with several years later, upon learning she was pregnant as I shoveled snow to clear a sidewalk. Then I wrote the poem.

Seven degrees under zero.

Two years later & you are with child. 


Up then down my arms garbage cats ran

Your legs were spread

On a ledge of a rickety fence.


You were drunk as snow crashed

Into a see through barn

Where greasy magicians beat on engines.


Under a ratted tissue

The little doll-like girl

Her body stalling

Clanking like a tilt-a-whirl


& your sister bleeding down her leg

Till she ran out of socks.


Seven degrees under zero

& the dry gas pump takes a beating

From a twenty three hour drunk crackhead.



Heavy upon twilight

Everywhere my eyes brought stare

But nowhere for an animal to lie.


Two years later

Me shoveling snow

Out from font of you.


Justin Kirby, Copyright, 2006

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