Fueling the ‘Creative Matrix’ Within.

Posted on February 22, 2012


When I first wake up I usually stumble into the kitchen & the major goal is not to walk into a wall or try something too courageous like opening the refrigerator. After those minimal attempts at bravery the decision is made regarding coffee; boiled water & the more quicker instant type from Indonesia or the more traditional coffee made in a drip coffee maker. Then I take my pulse to make sure I’m really alive. I’m always worried that I’m waking up in some Philip K. Dick parallel universe. Even though I’ve prepared for such an event to transpire I’m soundly convinced that if it ever happens the shock will be the hardest part to adjust too. After that I’m pretty sure it’s a cakewalk, depending on just whos’ head you’ve fallen into.

With coffee in hand I stumble to my leather chair and my computer aptly nicknamed “the yellow thought machine.” It’s actually odd this is one of the first things I do as this routine is so familiar with my routine at work, where I sit analyzing numbers trying to spot inconsistencies or anomalies(none of which happens much, but…I do enjoy it when it does for obvious reasons). After the obvious e-mail checking, facebook,blogging,  news browsing, etc., it’s off to find something stimulating and I’m not talking about porn.

This is when I look for other visually stimulating oddities like art. Most of my writing really starting with intense feelings that to my knowledge I did nothing to produce but seem to filter up into my imagination. From there I get images, ideas & trickling of words. Most of the time I filter through it & eventually some sort of image/verbal idea arrives. This is when I turn to art, so see what kind of images resonate within this ‘creative matrix’ that occurs in me.

In short, it might all be inspiration…but it’s part of my routine that is accompanied by music too. On this morning I stumbled across a lot of great art at a great blog called http://inspiringartists.wordpress.com. While there were many great artists displayed there, today it was about inspiration. That”s when I saw this mythical art by Takanori Aiba. It spoke to me & thought to share it with you. Pass it along if ya like…

Takanori was born in Yokohama, Japan. He studied Japanese traditional textiles and dyed clothing in Tokyo Zokei University. He became later a freelancer illustrator for Maze magazine. Now days he’s famous for creating astonishing mini buildings using mixed media such as Suiseki stones and paper taking inspirations by his fervid imaginations and from bonsai tree art. He is helped in the construction of these amazing small architectures by civil engineering Murakami which shares with him a passion for Art.