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New Poem. “Crazy as a loon.”

March 14, 2012


Crazy as a loon. “Crazy as a loon!” They’ll say, but let them. They have no feathers to escape with                             or beak to browse with. Loony as I, who wouldn’t choose to fly away from nine to five & church only on Sundays?     God.    My God.         Your God.             Polyamorous.                 ‘Their […]

Iranian Nuclear Program Decides Next U.S. President?

March 6, 2012


Having discussed this issue with several family and friends, it’s my very unqualified opinion (& novice at best) that I feel the deciding issue in the American presidential election will be the issue of Iran & how America handles their desire to acquire enriched uranium, not American domestic issues or necessarily a slower than expected economic recovery. […]

How Economic Stimulus Actually “Works.”

March 2, 2012


Excellent article about how a U.S. president’s use of economic spending works, and how specifically it’s been used by Barack Obama. Article fom   The U.S. Economic Stimulus Plan Author: Lee Hudson Teslik Updated: February 18, 2009 Introduction President Barack Obama took office in January 2009 facing the biggest global economic crisis since the Second World […]

Kerseja. New Poem.

March 2, 2012


Kerseja By feeling stone chiseled, calloused Marbles from out of a pirate’s jar                                                 I have made gold And am talking to you With a peg-leg Where a hook arm was. Wind blows my promises Across     the seam of an island Where tiny, mad children Reconvene to sand castles, hiding    jubilant    treasure..                      Burying […]