About Beautiful Elsewhere.


Thank you so much for visiting! My major interests are in writing poetry, young adult adventure & humorous, light-sci-fi short stories. I’m looking forward to making friends, contacts & networking because I believe all creative artists have to support & lift each other up. We can all help each other along the path.

 I’ve always loved the writings and music of those who seemed to hear something different. I never cared for most writing that was popular and was always drawn to the out of the ordinary writing or ideas. Whatever was other than here…that was where I wanted to be. This is the Elsewhere. The world itself seemed predictable and unconvincing.  Beautiful Elsewhere is about what I feel I have heard when I have brought myself into the clearing of my soul. It’s there where I feel the music is heard, the music I can hear.

I feel like I’ve lived a wild & exciting life. Any time I think it might be predictable I tell myself that predictable isn’t all that bad. I’ve been on jet plane leaving Japan when one of the engines blew up & caught on fire. I nearly drowned in a city pool when I was 9. I’ve been shot at (don’t ask). I’ve been a radio DJ, advertising executive, freelance copy-writer, fashion photographer & owner of a fashion company. There have been tremendous highs/lows but it’s all been living.  I’ve been on hundreds of Huck Finn-type adventures. I’ve met wonderful people from some of the beautiful places I’ve been fortunate to see. I will forever be in love with Japan & Taiwan and long to go to China.

Now is the time of my life to sit down and put it all (well some of it…some I would never tell again) into words.

Bout me:   serious NFL fan (go Colts!)   absinthe fan    nicknamed Kirby by my Grandfather due to my apparent love of Jack Kirby‘s Spider-man(i’m a bigger batman fan).     non-activist, but concerned over the growing nexus of global finances and militarism.      chopstick food lover, proud to have a one-of-a-kind chinese g/f.       blog named after a line from Marvin Bell poem.       proud stompin’ grounds include Indiana, Ohio, Taiwan and Japan.      God is my closest associate and confident.

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  1. Hello! Thanks for visiting my blog. Like you, I have had riveting encounters in life yet there are far more beautiful things to experience. China is beautiful and I have met so many good friends there. I wish I could go and visit my cousins in Tokyo very soon. There is so much to realize in this world. Keep it up! 😀


    • Justin Kirby

      February 29, 2012

      I want to thank you for visiting my blog as well. I’ve had a blast in this world and like you, believe it’s all just beginning. So you have been to China? You are soo lucky! I’m waiting so patiently to go. And you are so lucky to have family in Japan! I really love that place. I’ll be reading your blog to keep an eye on your adventures:)

      • Yeah but only in Beijing. I didn’t have enough time to go to Shanghai but I’ll definitely visit again. I had the chance to eat some crickets there and the Great Wall was overwhelming. I’ll probably post about it soon.

      • Justin Kirby

        February 29, 2012

        haha…eating crickets! that’s awesome:) I’ve had snake soup(having turned down turtle soup, cause I’m a proud turtle owner!). I’ve eaten things I was not sure what it was, but found it to be great. Guess it’s all about keeping your mind open?

  2. Yeah, you just have to go for it! By the way, speaking of China, I just had a post about the Great Wall 🙂



    • Justin Kirby

      March 2, 2012

      I’ll go for it, then. I’m sure it will be a blast:) & thanks for the post alert. It will be my morning reading for today. TTYL.


    • Justin Kirby

      March 3, 2012

      hey, great post! Can’t wait to visit.

  3. Hey Justin! Thanks for your recent visit to my blog 🙂

    I see you haven’t written a post for awhile! That’s okay, I guess we all need a break sometimes, right? 🙂

    For awhile I couldn’t seem to find the URL for your blog for some reason but I see it’s on your gravatar. I’ve updated it on my readers’ page (http://yourdailydoseblog.com/2012/10/11/a-page-dedicated-to-my-readers-your-blogs-please-help-me-finish-it-by-describing-your-blog-in-10-words-or-less/) and i was wondering if you would mind passing on a 10-word-or-less description of your blog so I can add it too? thanks!

    And I really appreciate that you’re continuing to read Your Daily Dose, it means a lot to me!!

    – Janice


    • Justin Kirby

      February 10, 2013


      Thank you for your kind words:) Yeah, life just got a little busy (I’m revising a novel I wrote, so I had to take a break from writing a blog). I’ll get right to the description. Thanks and keep up the good work!

      • Thank you, Justin 🙂
        Oh, that’s awesome, must be a lot of work. What is your novel about if I may ask?

      • Justin Kirby

        February 11, 2013

        Howdy…Thanks for your interest. It’s a young adult adventure novel, but I think adults will like its humor. Lead character is sorta like a young Indiana Jones. It’s so much fun to write it and develop it!


  4. That does sound like fun to write about!
    Happy Valentine’s Day, Justin 🙂


    • Justin Kirby

      February 17, 2013

      Hey Cafe- It is pretty fun. It’s challenging but a real blast sometimes! It just takes a lot of patience, coffee & late nights! J.

      • Well, keep up the great work. I am sure the end result will be well worth it! 🙂

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